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  • 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • $1,000.00 S$1,660 (after 30% Subsidy, includes GST) or S$1,660 (after 70% Subsidy, includes GST)
  • Virtual Class

When facts and figures and opinions are presented, clients often feel like they are going along with a decision that was made for them instead. When people are offered opinions on financial products without knowing the underlying principles and philosophies driving those products, they will usually linger in a state of emotional uncertainty with, “What if they’re wrong?” echoing in their mind. While important, logical analysis and objective data rarely inspire or connect with people. Stories allow your audience to lower their guards down and not process your message as a blatant sales pitch or an ad.

Warren Buffett is the masterful investor-communicator in using analogies, metaphors and stories that are both illustrative and entertaining in simplifying complex investment concepts and in embodying his philosophy, wisdom, and commitment to inspire confidence and allegiance of his legion of shareholders.

Similarly, top financial advisors and investors are able to win the hearts and minds of their clients like Buffett by telling stories that reveal patterns, principles, and a sound philosophy behind the investment strategies, which will appeal emotionally to your clients and work toward allaying deep-seated uncertainties and doubts. Your clients now understand the logic behind the numbers. They understand the principles – they believe in principle. They see the pattern – they understand the pattern. They agree with the philosophy – they will have a good feeling about the decisions. The storytelling and the simple logic resulted in greater illumination for the client. Greater illumination leads to peaceful emotions. Peaceful emotions lead to the decision to take action and to commit to a long-term investment plan.

Financial advisors and investors can create massive value-add for your clients and win it like Buffett by learning to systematically distinguish – and communicate – the winners from the losers to build an investment portfolio for lasting outperformance by mastering the practical framework and tools of MOAT and CATAPULT of value investing. As Warren Buffett elucidated, “In business, I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable ‘MOATS’.” The key to sustainable returns in value investing is having a deep understanding of the underlying business model quality of the underlying asset in your investment portfolio. Do you have a true innovator, or a risky pretender, or a disrupted cheap-gets-cheaper value trap? For instance, owning an Adyen vs Wirecard, or Ecolab vs Hyflux, makes all the difference to whether the client’s investment portfolio in stocks, ETFs, or unit trusts can grow – or crash!

However, MOAT is a Value Investing 2.0 framework and tool. Value Investing 3.0 heralds the ascent of the tech-focused innovators – and the imperative call to financial advisors and investors to arm themselves with a more powerful framework to go beyond the defensive-oriented MOAT to better assess – and communicate – the quality of the business model in the age of disruption. Enter the CATAPULT, the attack-oriented sustainable competitive advantages of disruptive innovators overpowering the moats of legacy business models.

All the knowledge and understanding in the world is useless if you can’t effectively transfer and relate that understanding to your clients. First interest should not be the value of the portfolio but the values that created the portfolio. The Buffett-like storyseller’s approach is to tell the investment story and let the clients decide if they want to follow the business to be learned from the story and also experience it as a reflection of their personal story, as if coming from a close trusted friend. Your clients will feel a stronger bond to you as an advisor and investor because you are not just an advisor who directs their assets but you are also a teacher who simplifies, educates and illuminates investment principles and process. This is the first ever and only course that combines storyselling and value investing, forged from the decade-plus fund management experience in the capital market jungle.



Learning Objectives & Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, FA representatives and finance/wealth management/investment professionals will be able to:

  • CRAFT unique stories that convey your values, investment and life philosophies, and your commitment to foster dialogue, to encourage clients to think in new ways, and motivate them to take
  • COMMUNICATE with clients effectively on the importance and advantages of staying invested for the long-term across market cycles, instead of doing market-timing on their own, with Value Investing 0 principles and building a durable portfolio of innovators.
  • CULTIVATE a long-horizon investment mindset in the clients, including committing to regular savings plan (RSP) in investments, when they understand they are the proud owners of quality business models who outperform to create value, regardless of macroeconomic potholes and bumps, through the innovations they introduce to make the bumps work for
  • IDENTIFY for clients the strengths and weaknesses of the underlying asset in an investment portfolio of stocks, including ETFs and unit trusts from their holdings, through analyzing business model quality, and build a better investment portfolio for them.
  • UNDERSTAND the economic MOAT framework in business model analysis coined by Warren Buffett and popularized by Morningstar, and the
  • KNOW why “cheap” stocks get cheaper and they become the fertile ground for clever “insiders/ syndicates” (“c’hng kay” /庄家) who manipulate share prices and volumes and inject “action” via exciting corporate news announcement of “sexy” projects or M&As, luring investors in and then offloading to them in a pump-and-dump stock manipulation
  • LEARN the E.R.O. framework to distinguish between the true innovators and the swarming imitators, as well as to eliminate the cheap-gets-cheaper value traps.
  • APPLY the CATAPULT framework in business model analysis in going beyond the economic MOAT analysis to systematically identify how innovators create extraordinary value and capture new demand with exponential non-linear growth