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  • TBC
  • 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • $449.50 S$701.22 (after 30% Subsidy, includes GST) or S$470.92 (after 70% Subsidy, includes GST)
  • Virtual Class

Dollar Insight aims to provide financial practitioners with the know-hows and skills to analyse personal and family financial statement by applying the DOME framework.

Dollar Insight provides guidance to utilise knowledge learned and apply skills to lead financial practitioners to conduct financial analysis. By adopting the DOME framework, financial practitioners will be equipped to apply methodologies that enable to identify gaps to help the client to achieve their financial goals through analysing their financial statements.

Personal tax planning is integral of financial planning. Financial practitioners are able to direct their client to leverage on the available tax deductions to promote and encourage social and economic objectives such as filial piety, family formation and the advancement of skills.

To be future-ready, Dollar Insight is incorporated with web-based application via spreadsheet to help financial practitioners to acquire knowledge & gain skills in order to internalise these values to build their unique financial advisory process. Completion of Dollar Insight will strengthen the identity as a financial advisory practitioners who are capable to impart your practical knowledge and henceforth to impact your client’s financial in a positive way.

With Dollar Insight, financial practitioners get to acquire Dollar Foresight in order to help client to build their Dollar Hindsight!



Learning Outcome

Learners get to :

  • Understand & able to apply the DOME framework in advising personal financial planning.
  • Apply SMART &/or FAST objective planning.
  • Explain & Apply the HEARD Financial Planning Process.
  • Demonstrate the engagement process for fact-finding interview
  • Describe the timeline pertaining to client’s life stage.
  • Learn to create financial statement.Simplify the complexity of financial ratios.
  • Identify the concerns for not saving enough.
  • Apply the concept of personal budgeting to enhance saving.
  • Recognise the importance of personal tax planning.
  • Understand the types of income sources you have to pay tax on.
  • Learn to interpret the tax rate table and compute tax payable.
  • Demonstrate and explore opportunity for meaningful interview.
  • Appreciate the importance of leveraging technology to create scenarios planning.
  • Understand how to utilise the financial planning software & spreadsheet.
  • Organise your financial advisory practice.
  • Internalise value system to build your advisory practice.
  • Demonstrate understanding and application through guided case studies.